Ala Plastica

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Ala Plástica

Künstlergruppe (gegründet 1991 von Silvina Babich, Alejandro Meitin und Rafael Santos), La Plata, Argentinien

Artists Group (found in 1991 by Silvina Babich, Alejandro Meitin and Rafael Santos), La Plata, Argentinien

Ala Plástica in Zusammenarbeit mit der GFLK:

Wandse jour fixe Ala Plastica 350.jpg 2004 entwickelte Ala Plástica für das GFLK-Vorhaben "Wandse" in Zusammenarbeit mit vielen Beteiligten und unter kuratorischer und konzeptioneller Betreuung von Papia Oda Bandyopadhyay das Projekt "Stadtfluss Wandse / Position Bypass".

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Auf der Webseite heisst es über die Tätigkeit von Ala Plástica:

Ala Plástica is an art and environmental organization based in Río de la Plata, Argentina that works on the rhizomatic linking of ecological, social, and artistic ethodology, combining direct interventions and precisely defined concepts to a parallel universe without giving up the symbolic potential of art. They are concerned with relating the artist’s way of thinking and working with the development of projects in the social and environmental realm. Since 1991 Ala Plástica has developed a range of non-conventional artworks, focused on local and regional problems, and in close contact and collaboration with other artists, scientists and environmental groups. Ala Plástica works bio-regionally, within Argentina, as well as internationally in relationship to other transformative arts practitioners.

Ala Plastica is organized as Foundation and is managed and administered by a Board of Administration who chooses and determines functions of an Executive Commitee composed of the coordinators work sector. The working sessions are headed by a General Coordinator.

Ala Plastica was found in 1991 by Silvina Babich, Alejandro Meitin and Rafael Santos. Silvina Babich, Alejandro Meitin are responsible for the content of the tasks/topics, there is also a jury/board. Ala Plastica realises 5 or 6 initiatives per year. Approximately 70% of the selected projects could be successfully performed.Ala Plastica prefers to speak about their projects as “initiatives,” and within them of various “exercises” that multiply and incorporate the input of individuals and groups that build dialogue and develop actions based on reciprocity.

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