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Video by Florian Hüttner and Ralf Weißleder

Peter Fend: ELBE GAS

Artist’s video by Florian Hüttner and Ralf Weißleder on Peter Fend and his project "Elbe Gas".
DVD PAL, 53 Min., 2007-2008
Video camera, editing, concept: Florian Hüttner and Ralf Weißleder (video camera Elbe river mouth: Tillmann Terbuyken)
Published by GFLK

The video by Florian Hüttner and Ralf Weißleder portays Peter Fend, his ideas about art and his project Elbe Gas. Peter Fend envisions “the artist” as an “architect” on a great scale, who creates spaces and solutions for far-reaching ecological and social questions.

Peter Fend suggests the project Elbe Gas for the Elbe delta between Hamburg and the North Sea. Peter Fend comprises the whole drainage basin of the Elbe – reaching from the Czech Republic to the North Sea – as an entity, and as a space of social responsibility. The state of the water reflects this responsibility. The nutrients from the air and the soil, from agriculture, cities, traffic and industry, which gather in the drainage basin are transported by the Elbe to Hamburg and concentrate in the river mouth. Here, Peter Fend suggests the foundation of the Elbe Gas enterprise in order to make the nutrients the basis of an algae farm and to obtain biogas from the algae. The biogas will be delivered to the region of the Elbe river mouth, which is the area where the nutrients for the algae farm and the biogas plant concentrate. The society is guided by the natural cycle of nutrients and energy. Additionally, nuclear submarines that have been transformed into algae harvesting machines will be sent to the Carribean to harvest the exceeding algae there prompted by climate change, and to transfer them to the energy cycle.

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